It is another gorgeous evening.  The sun has set and the temperature is warm and pleasant.  The mourning doves are making their last song of the day and the frogs have picked up the chorus.  The other night, I saw my first bat of the season.  That was wonderful.  The barn swallows haven’t yet returned.  While I am concerned about that, I am still hopeful.  Our official “last average frost” date is May 7th.  Maybe the swallows know that the bugs aren’t really out yet.  I am inclined to trust them and have some faith.

The semester is, thankfully, wrapping up.  As usual, it is hard to see the end of the term.  So many students make the choice between school and their jobs.  Their jobs always win.  School rarely does.  As a result, school performance is impacted.  You can’t earn an A when you don’t turn in assignments, come to class, study or take exams.  It is grueling to witness, but I am not the type of instructor that calls the student on the phone or drops by their home to find out why they didn’t come to class.  I accept that they are adults and let them make their choices, however lamentable those decisions turn out to be.

In the past few days, Philip and I have been busy outside.  We have started the foundation for a stick house beneath the white pines.  It is round and, as it turns out, accommodates the new teepee that Grandma E. sent today.  Nearby, we began digging the outline for the sunflower house.  I did a quick inventory and have decided that we could use more sunflower seeds, but we will do our best.  Around the magnolia, we tilled a large circle.  We are going to make plantings as if it’s a big clock.  I was thinking of placing tomatoes at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions.  We have started to transplant the daylily plants from the back of the house to the front.  The part of the area north of the mailbox has been completed; the area south of the mailbox still needs to be done.  We also transplanted several comfrey plants and situated them beneath the fruit trees.  It will help them thrive.  Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I am hoping for a non-rainy day.  A cloudy day is not a problem–in fact, it would be preferable–since I intend to have 2 helpers with me for the day getting the yard all arranged, planted and organized.  It is a very big hope.

The kitchen is a tad messy and there are things to do.  I will sign off now and then attempt to take care of them.

Have a good night.


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