Vive le French!


Last night, we came home from the library with these 2 gems:

Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas by Philippe Coudray.   For emerging readers (and, I suspect, boys), this book provides enough words to convey a message with images that highlight the humor in the action and the text. What I love most about this refreshingly different children’s book is how it provides clean humor and wonderful wit without kowtowing to “what kids want.” When I buy books, I think about whether or not the author deserves my money. I fully believe that Philippe Coudray creates an entertaining book with charm and understated verve. Bravo!

Hello, Mr. Hulot by David Merveille according to Jacques Tati.  Another gorgeous book from the French.  Merci!  Monsieur Hulot is an exceptional character depicted whimsically and sure to make you laugh out loud. I particularly love “The Snowball Effect” (brillant), “The Umbrella Corner” (sweet ou doux) and “Francois the Postman” (tres drole), but all of the vignettes are wonderful.  A refreshing change from so many of the other children’s books that are out there.

I am so excited to have found these books!  I hope that you will pick them up and enjoy them, too.

Au revoir!


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